Company Name J-Devices Corporation
CEO Yoshifumi Nakaya
Registered HQ 1913-2 Fukura Usuki-shi Oita
Start Date October 31, 2009
Shareholders Founder families 60%, Amkor Technology 30%, Toshiba 10%
#of Employees 3026 employees
Factory & Office Usuki District, Yokohama District, Kitsuki District, Miyagi District, Aizu District, Neagari District, Yokkaichi Office, Fukuoka District, Oita District

1970 Established in Saiki city, Oita
1996 Corporate name changed to Nakaya Micro Devices
2002 Acquired "Taketa Toshiba Electronics" and "Denshi Giken Oita"
2004 Started BGA package assembly / wafer probing business
2006 Started operating at New Plant in Usuki City, Oita
2007 Started mass product of WLCSP backend
2009 Acquired the test business of Genesis Technology Started mass production of MEMS microphone
Acquired the equipment of System LSI backend business from Toshiba Corporation
(Wafer probe line of Oita Operations / Assembly and Final test line of Toshiba LSI Package Solution)
Received equity investments from Amkor Technology and Toshiba
Corporate name changed to J-DEVICES CORPORATION
2012 Fujitsu Semiconductor to Transfer Ownership of its LSI Assembly and Test Facilities to J-Devices.

Yoshifumi Nakaya


While the industry changes so fast,
we will keep and improve Customer Satisfaction.

We are presently in the middle of global economic upheaval. The world economy has recovered from a period of recession and we are about to enter a period of major development. Underpinning this trend is the semiconductor, an industry sector is expected grow considerably in the future.


J-DEVICES was founded to support this globally expanding semiconductor industry through assembly and test services. Deliver the advanced assembly technology such as three dimensional packaging, test service using approximately 1000 test systems, as well as the competitive cost in the worldwide OSAT. Never before has a Japanese independent assembly and test service company offered such global competitiveness, scale and technology as J-DEVICES.


Within the extremely competitive semiconductor industry, J-DEVICES works hard to support customers and to provide complete satisfaction.

Keep an eye out in future for J-DEVICES.

J-Devices Corporate Principles

Win customer's appreciation

Win customers appreciation by continuously providing the cost, technology, and service level, one step further than their expectations

Value enterprising and innovative sprit, and eliminate remaining weak points

There will be no tomorrow if we are satisfied with conventional ways. We will continuously innovate at all fronts including business model, technology, process, quality and personnel, and improve our value to the customers.

Act based on J-Devices'ethics criteria

《J-Devices' three "SAY"s》

"Is it the right thing to do?"
Always act by determining whether your action is right or not
"Self improvement"
Continue to try one's best and to improve one's self
Always be sincere to others

Mission Statement

To become one of the global leading companies in the semiconductor backend business

To continue developing the best assembly and testing technology

To continue achieving globally competitive cost

To contribute to the customers by providing best solutions

Usuki District

1913-2 Fukura, Usuki, Oita


Yokohama District

New Stage Yokohama Bldg 17F, 1-1-32 Shinurashima-cho
Kanagawa-ku, Yokohama, Kanagawa


Kitsuki District

2820-2 Minami-Kitsuki, Kitsuki, Oita


Miyagi District

1-1 Nishigaoka Murata Muratamachi Chibatagun, Miyagi


Aizu District

1 Takaku kougyou dannchi, Aizuwakamatsu, Fukushima


Neagari District

Ha86, Akaimachi, Nomi-shi, Ishikawa


Fukuoka District

476-1 Kamiokuma, Miyawaka, Fukuoka


Oita District

3500 Matsuoka, Oita, Oita (inside Toshiba Oita Fab)


Yokkaichi Office

YokkaichiMN Bld.3F, 1-1, Suwasakaemachi, Yokkaichi-shi, Mie